To all movie girls and movie guys ~ do you want to test your knowledge about your favourite films ? Do you think you can handle this ? Bla bla/bullshit I thought I was a queen but I was disappointed #difficult

Now I realize my lack of culture in some genres ! And it's not exactly what you could call a pleasant and relaxing feeling. In fact I was searching through blogs/forums for such a game-quizz for a long time without finding that's why I decided to present this one here-on my personal web page. I have to confess I'm a lot better at visiting fashion blogs such as Louise Ebel's !

Here is the game : It's a bridge to reach excellency in the matter of cinema !

Why don't you play ? It's fun, tigiloop a photo, a question, 5 possible answers (but as its name indicates it has no end), and make your choice. I began late in the afternoon, and I'm still on it (buuuuuuzzz never-ending I told you ?), listening to music like Earth Song, eating like a bird, little by little, a slice of flammekueche, taking my pill, then somes plums, woosh...

So, what's your score ?

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